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Supply Chain Management Certification

Supply Chain Management Certification Training

CRN# 40227


The Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) designation is the #1 training and certification program on supply chain management that can be completed 100% online.

SCMS Program Resources:

  • Syllabus: Download the SCMS Syllabus
  • Study Guide: Download the SCMS Study Guide
  • Resources: 20 Supply Chain Management Video Modules, 2 expert audio interviews with nationally recognized supply chain management experts, 15 supply chain management career Improvement Videos, 1 Mock Examination, and access to our expert faculty. To confirm that our video modules and expert audio interviews are high quality please download a sample video module here and expert supply chain management audio interview here.
  • Register for this program by clicking here

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The SCMS program was created by successful supply chain management professionals to help other professionals increase their credibility and specialized knowledge within the space that may be immediately applied to corporations or fast growing small businesses. The program is delivered through online lecture videos, an audio program, a workbook, and step-by-step screen capture tutorials.

The SCMS Program Consists of 4 Learning Modules

  1. Best Practices Analysis
  2. New trends and challenges in Supply Chain Management
  3. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
  4. Industry Leading Supply Chain Management Models & Processes

Sample Expert Audio Interview: The following is a supply chain management expert audio interview we completed with nationally recognized selling expert Vivek Sehgal.

Vivek Sehgal: Vivek is a Senior Direct at Manhatten Associates and is the blog author of Supply Chain Musings and author of the book, Enterprise Supply Chain Management. Vivek is a nationally recognized expert and consultant in this area and we are happy to share his depth of knowledge through this recording. (Download in Audio MP3 Format)

Sample Video Module: Below is an example video from this supply chain management certification and training program. After joining our program you will get access to over 19 additional supply chain management video modules as well as a strategic project, mock examination, secure online examination, career coaching, and a study guide.

Video Sample: Materials Requirement Planning (Download MP4 Version)

This training and certification program will show you:

  • How to leverage technology and free-to-access tools to increase your supply chain management abilities
  • How to quickly improve your supply chain management functions within your business or department to add value to you and your partner's businesses
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to construct a strategic supply chain management plan

Purchasing Management Certification InstructorDanna Smith has spent over 15 years in purchasing, supply chain management, and global sourcing positions. Also, Danna has 8 years of experience in design engineering support (product structure and compliance). Her most recent position was Director of Operations and Materials for A la Cart, Inc., a domestic food service equipment manufacturer. Her purchasing experience has been in various markets including automotive (trucks, buses, and trains), waste management, medical equipment, and food service equipment. Danna holds a Masters Degree in Business Management. She is currently heading up our Purchasing Management Expert (PME) and Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) programs.

Benefits of the Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) Program:

  • Add the Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) Designation to your resume and business cards, assuring employers that you are dedicated to working in the industry, focused on learning more about supply chain management and able to work more efficiently after being promoted or hired.
  • Speak the supply chain management language - Earning the Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry.  Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading supply chain management professionals. 
  • Advance your business or career by raising your level of supply chain management knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively.
  • Exclusive Access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the Supply Chain Management Specialist (SCMS) Certification Program.
  • Gain valuable insight into supply chain management tactics that you can implement now without the need of a costly seminar or conference.

Supply Chain Management Certification Process

Supply Chain Management Certification Program Process

Participants May Include:

  • Those interested in furthering his/her education and knowledge in supply chain management
  • Supply chain professionals who want to better understand their industry and how they can progress forward within their own career
  • Supply Chain Management Team Leaders
  • Students looking to work in the supply chain management industry who already have purchasing, buying, process improvement or other industry experience
  • Supply Chain Management, Operational or Process Improvement Management Consultants
  • Seasoned professionals looking to enter the supply chain management industry
  • New business professionals who have already taken a position as part of a supply chain management team
  • Supply chain management professionals looking to improve their knowledge
  • Business managers responsible for Supply Chain Management within their firm

This supply chain management certification program is delivered through online lecture videos, an audio program, a workbook, and step-by-step screen capture tutorials.

Supply Chain Manager CertificationThis program is not easy to complete, and will require an investment of your time. We have built this program to be the #1 most challenging supply chain management certification program available. This is how employers know that those that hold this program designation have invested their time in learning and applying supply chain management best practices.

Ready to Enroll?

Business Training and Certification OnlineThe provides the #1 most practical, challenging and globally relevant certification platform, and it is provided by the Global Training & Certification Institute, LLC (G.T.C. Institute, LLC).

Join over 3,000 others have completed G.T.C. Institute certification and training programs. To register for a program click here.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Online Supply Chain Management Certification:

1) Question: Are there weekly homework assignments, phone calls, or sessions that are scheduled at specific times?

Answer: There are no weekly homework assignments, phone calls, or classes scheduled. In fact, the only set dates in our programs are the four exam dates that we offer each year. The program is entirely self-paced.

Once you have registered, you will be provided with login details to access our proprietary certification platform. After you’ve logged in, you will be able to watch the program’s video training modules, complete your strategic project (as laid out in the study guide), email our faculty with questions, complete the self-grading practice test, and schedule your online examination. Our examination is offered 100% online, which has allowed participants from over 40 countries to participate and complete our programs.

2) Question: How can I use this certification on my resume or bio after completing it?

Answer: While you are enrolled in the program you can note that you are currently a candidate. For example, if taking the Public Relations Specialist program, you can note on your resume or business profiles that you are a PRS Candidate.

After completing the program you are then able note that you are certified in this area on your resume, professional biography, account, Facebook account, cover letters for job applications, etc. Contact us if you would like specialized sized images of the designation logo to place on your personal or social media website pages.

3) Question: Will becoming certified really help me in my career?

Answer: We live in a knowledge-based economy. Our programs are geared toward very specific fields and skill sets to help you gain specialized knowledge within areas most critical to your success. Completing a certification program allows you to show others on your resume and bio that you are more well-trained and credible than other professionals in the industry. A recent study by Gartner also showed that certification programs increased compensation by 5-11% on average, and can boost your income by as much as 30-40% annually. When an employer or potential client is choosing between you and someone with very similar work experience and education, being certified is one more thing that will make you stand out from the crowd.



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